We at The Field Fitness believe in fitness through teamwork. We understand that although we may succeed as individuals, we can achieve so much more together!

At The Field Fitness, we achieve our belief through team-based workouts that encourage camaraderie and friendly competition. Your fellow Fielders and The Field Fitness Coaches will be there to give you that extra push that can mean the difference between quitting early and accomplishing your goals.

We're a fitness studio specializing in helping clientele manage body weight, improve body composition, and enhance exercise performance. The Field Fitness programs are a fun blend of traditional strength training and functional high intensity interval training(HIIT). And our small class size (10 Fielders max) led by 2 qualified and experienced Coaches ensures that everyone gets the attention they deserve!

Many of us have the dreadful experience in a typical corporate gym, where we often find ourselves feeling lost, lonely, and unmotivated. This lack of goal oriented direction and support often causes people to quit long before ever seeing results.

Stop putting your goals on hold, sculpt your dream body at The Field Fitness:

Our science-based program is a fun blend of functional high intensity interval training (HIIT) and traditional strength training that burns calories, increases metabolism, and builds strength to achieve a wide variety of goals!

  • Efficient 60 minute workout in a fun and motivating environment
  • Team-based group training to encourage camaraderie¬† and friendly competition
  • 6 distinct classes in rotation daily to focus on different muscle groups allow for a well rounded program
  • Great for weight loss, toning, muscle building, fat burning, strength, balance, coordination, core stability, athletic performance, injury prevention, metabolic disease prevention, and cardiovascular disease prevention
  • Small class sizes (10 Fielders max led by 2 Coaches) ensure that everyone is given the personal attention they deserve
  • Certified and experienced Coaches with bachelor’s degrees in kinesiology, exercise science.
  • High quality personal training available upon request
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